Ongoing funded projects:

Project 1: Magmatic plumbing of the crust and uppermost mantle at the East Pacific Rise by 3D MCS

Project 2: Seismic imaging of the crust and uppormost mantle offshore Nova Scotia

Project 3: OBWAVE: Orphan Basin Wide-Angle Velocity Experiment

Project 4: ALEUT: Alaska Langseth Experiment to Understand the megaThrust

Project 5: Cascadia ridge to trench experiment

Project 6: Seismic oceanography

Project 7: SeismoSmooth: 2D/3D MCS/OBS characterization of the ultraslow spreading SW Indian Ridge

Project 8: 3D MCS offshore New Jersey: Seismic geomorphology and Neogene sea-level change

Project 9: Arctic ULINNIQ (Underwater LIstening Network for Novel Investigations of Quakes)


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Research facilities

DIG (Dalhousie Imaging Lab)

NFSI (National Facility for Seismic Imaging) - under construction